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Selling to Big Companies

Stop struggling to get into big companies. Learn practical strategies to crack into corporate accounts, shrink your sales cycle and close more business in Jill Konrath's new book.

Take a sneak preview. Download 1st two chapters.

In Selling to Big Companies, you'll discover how to:
• Target accounts where you can succeed.
• Find the names of corporate decision makers.
• Create breakthrough value propositions.
• Develop effective account entry campaigns.
• Craft enticing voicemail messages.
• Overcome obstacles to getting in.
• Have powerful initial sales meetings.
• Differentiate yourself from other sellers.

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Business Press Kudos

Great Sales Advice
"I just finished the book and wrote a Jack Covert Selects review. I loved the book."
— Jack Covert, 800-CEO-READ

"It's all practical, tactical advice ... If you need to sell enterprise software to big companies, this is your recommended holiday reading"
— Gordon Graham, SoftwareCEO

What Readers Say

Insight & Clarity Where None Existed Before
Truly understanding your target market is difficult for even the most sophisticated companies and organizations. I teach new consultants how to build a profitable freelance business by targeting the most desirable clients. Many of them target marketing directors, creative directors, C-level executives, and business owners.

At the core of our work is understanding the mindset and daily realities of the decision-makers we're trying to connect with, and it's this understanding that drives the development of our offers and other marketing materials.

Your book, 'Selling to Big Companies,' is required reading for my coaching students. Thank you for providing insight and clarity where none existed. I can't recommend 'Selling to Big Companies' enough!

— Chris Marlow, Veteran Copywriter and Marketing Coach, Palm Desert, CA

The Definitive Selling Guide to Getting Your Foot in the Door
Top salespeople wish they had this book when they were struggling to get their foot in the door with prospects. The simple fact is Jill has taken a high end approach to selling to larger companies and provided you with a step-by-step roadmap of 'how to' get started from the beginning. If you are in sales, you know that getting access to corporate decision makers is no easy task. Jill provides you with real world, time tested strategies that are needed today in order to get the attention of people who make decisions.

"Selling to Big Companies" uses surefire techniques and provides awesome sample questions to use throughout the sales process. As a regional sales manager, the toughest challenge I see for my sales team is how to build an effective account strategy that positions 'salespeople' as consultants rather than product pushers. Jill uses her great conversational style and experience as an enterprise sales rep for 30+ years to provide you with a detailed, action oriented plan that would normally cost you thosands of dollars from any sales training organization. How great is that!

This book is full of guidance and helpful resources to get the results you want without having to make all the mistakes that you want to avoid. If you are looking for a book that allows you to cut through the marketing/sales clutter, provide you with a realistic account action plan for achieving sales success in larger accounts, this is a must read.

I don't want our competitors to see this book. I am providing it to my entire sales staff and marketing team. The concepts and practices within this book should guarantee your sales to soar!

Instead of sitting around watching CNN, FOX or ESPN, take action now and do something that will have a positive impact on your sales and career. Grab this book, read it once a month, implement the key points at the end of each section, and then visit Jill's blog or website and share your feedback. Oh, if you haven't yet, sign up for her newsletter because that helps reinforce what you learn in the book.

I've been waiting for this type of book for years! Now that I see how high the bar has been set for helping salespeople acheive success, I can't wait for Jill to write another book. And no, I am not related to Jill. Just a HUGE fan."

— Mike Wanner, Regional Sales Manager

Land BIG Fish in Any Ocean, Lake or Pond
The biggest challenge most of us with a complex sale face is getting access to executives, especially those in BIG companies. Sales cycles have gotten longer and number of decision makers involved in a typical buying process has increased too.

That's why I appreciate Jill Konrath's approach. What separates this book from the others that I've read is that it was written by someone I know really understands the challenges and nuances of the complex sale. No sales quackery here.

I was glad to see this book doesn't immediately dive right into tactics. In fact, Jill Konrath focuses first on developing the optimal mindset, then strategies, and finally tactics. Think! You'll probably read this book in a day but will refer back to it again and again.

Be prepared, Jill doesn't tell you where the BIG fish are... they are always moving anyway. Instead, she teaches us how to find and catch the BIG Fish in any water. Yes, I'm a fan of Jill Konrath. I'm also an avid reader, author, and CEO of an Inc 500 company. Get this book."

— Brian Carroll, CEO, InTouch

A Marketing Tool I'll Use ... A Lot
Jill's book, Selling to Big Companies, reads like a conversation with a trusted mentor. I read it in one sitting and have returned many times to apply specifics. The book is full of real-world scenarios and examples of how to deal with difficult marketing communications and actions that both management and sales reps have to face. From value propositions to researching your prospects and preparation to cold call techniques, Jill makes it clear with a step-by-step approach, how to set up a campaign directed to getting your foot in the door of the big guys. It also will work, I'd think, on any prospect.

Her book is a fresh change in perspective. She makes it clear that it's not a numbers thing so much as a targeted, thoughtful approach to delivering value. I've already applied some of her knowledge and seen my sales attempts begin to become more fruitful. I highly recommend you buy a copy today. Heck, I bought a few extra for my staff too.

— Ardath Albee, President, Einsof

The Holy Grail for Selling to Corporate Market
"Jill Konrath has written the 'Holy Grail" for anyone who is committed to selling to decision makers in the amorphous corporate world! In the process she has established a predominant place as the #1 expert in finding creative strategies for SELLING TO BIG COMPANIES. The Account Entry Tool Kit, with its 9 critical tools, is worth substantially more than the price of the book. This book is a 'must have', so buy it, read it, understand it, practice it, master it, and profit from it. Then thank Jill Konrath for contributing to your enhanced success!"

— Dr. Lyman K. (Manny) Steil, CSP, CPAE
Chairman & CEO, International Listening Leadership Institute

Want to Start Selling to Big Companies?
Or perhaps you want to sell more to big companies. Either way, Selling to Big Companies by Jill Konrath is a must read. The book is packed with easy-to-use tools and easy-to-follow methods that anyone can implement to capture the attention of and sell to corporate decision-makers.

Corporate decision-makers live in a highly pressured world where the status quo reigns supreme. It takes a masterful approach to penetrate that world. The strength of the book lies in helping the reader identify and hone strategies to do exactly that.

Selling to Big Companies has tips on understanding corporate decision-makers, what decision-makers want from you and how to help your prospects understand the tangible, measurable business outcomes you have to offer. The book then goes a step further with specific tools to break through the barriers and become irresistible to decision-makers. Selling to Big Companies even includes an appendix with an Account Entry Tool Kit to customize your own approach.

Start out 2006 with a bang and start Selling to Big Companies now."
— Wendy Weiss, The Queen of Cold Calling
Author of Cold Calling for Women & Cold Calling College

Increase Your Sales
"If you're a newcomer in sales, you can reduce your learning time, and get your commissions rolling in about fifty percent faster by reading Selling to Big Companies, and following the tips, techniques and strategies that it offers in abundance. Likewise, if you have been selling for a while, you'll wish you had read this book years ago. But as you'll see, now's not to late to follow its recommendations to supercharge your procedures, and win even more customers and larger commissions. Finally, if you are a sales manager you can use this book as a guide for making yours the hottest sales team in your industry.

Selling to Big Companies is a business-to-business sales manual about getting through to and selling corporate executives who are besieged by people "selling something". The principals set forth are equally valuable whether your product is as straight forward as a group insurance policy or an advertising program; or as multifaceted as a specialized new-product introduction service. Author Jill Konrath's advice is based on her more than thirty years of direct, first hand experience in the corporate sales arena. This is a bottom-line oriented book that is well written, and conversational in style with key points highlighted at the end of each chapter.

In no way is this a book of "quick fixes." The author emphasizes that the seller needs to think, research, plan and follow through to achieve the generous rewards that are out there to be earned. Particularly mentioned are personal accountability and the importance of building long term relationships to retain a customer's business and gain referrals.

My opinion, based on thirty-two years of selling to businesses, is that Selling to Big Companies is a "must read" for anyone pursuing a sales career.

—William Bell, Sales Executive

Great Guidebook for Sales Success
Would you equip your office with manual typewriters? Would you make your on-the-road calls by searching for pay phone booths? Would you write letters by dictating the content to a secretary who uses shorthand and a steno pad?

Certainly not. Why? Because those approaches are outmoded. Professional people have upgraded their skills, and they can work faster, more efficiently and expect greater production.

Likewise, I think any sales person who tries to land contracts with big companies will be obsolete, frustrated and destined for failure unless he or she reads this book--and then meticulously implements Jill Konrath's strategies.

What makes this book most compelling is that Konrath struggled, searched and stumbled before she came up with her formula for Selling to Big Companies. She had to explore why old adages had become empty platitudes. She had to understand how the corporate world has changed, creating new challenges for every sales force.

As I read this book, I looked at the list I had made earlier this week of the prospects I want to contact next. On almost every page, I thought: "Say, I ought to try that" or "That makes sense" or even "No wonder other people got through the corporate door and I didn't."

Her writing style engages the reader, as though the two of you are sipping coffee and swapping ideas. You will like the book's structure: logical, easy to follow.
If you're in sales, reading this book—and restructuring your sales campaign—will boost your success, no matter how accomplished you are already. Specifically, you will reshape your research, become more skilled with telephone contacts, revise your concept of networking, and describe business solutions your potential clients will get by contracting with you.

Let me suggest that salespeople who are aware of this book and do not buy it will be giving their competition a big advantage. I don't think you want to let that happen.

As for me, except for five years as a university professor of communication, I have spent my entire professional life selling services and products. Too bad I didn't have Selling to Big Companies three decades ago. However, I won't fret about that. I will use Jill Konrath's guidelines now with every big company representative I contact. I am excited about how my sales will soar.
—Bill Lampton, PhD & Author, The Complete Communicator

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