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Selling to Big Companies Book BIG NEWS: Fortune selects as "Must-Read" sales book, Sept. 08

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Sales Call Planning Guide

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Here's what you'll learn in the Sales Call Planning Guide:

  • How top sellers build immediate credibility.
  • The essential pre-call research needed for an effective sales call.
  • 5 key questions to identify opportunities for your offering.
  • Why it's essential to plan your questions before the meeting.
  • How to define the "logical next step" to advance the sale.
  • What you need to do immediately to position yourself properly.
  • What to focus on for the majority of the first meeting.
  • How much info to share about your own offering on that 1st call.
  • What you need to say and do to turn your desired next step into a reality.

Listen to what Selling to Big Company e-newsletter subscribers say:

"I've done a complete 180 in my understanding of the sales process and the value I bring to the table. I've been incorporating your insights into my sales approach over the past few months. Reading your book really iced the cake. I've made the permanent transition from being a sales rep to a highly functional and valued marketing and sales consultant as I've targeted mid-to-larger sized companies... and I haven't looked back."
— Babette Burdick, Account Executive, ThomasNet

"Your 'Sales Call Planning Guide' is right on. I'm confident that it will be the secret weapon for a lot of sales reps wanting to land major corporate accounts. They will thank their lucky stars they found you because your Guide will easily knock 10 years and a 1000 bewildering disappointments off their learning curve.""
- Tom St. Louis, Zerald Communications

"I just finished reading "Winning More Sales" and I found it a wonderful jump-start to my business planning for the year."
— Judy Bradt, Summit Insight

"What I like about your e-letter most is that you don't mess with the heavy stuff. Selling isn't deep philosophy or rocket science, but it is a lot of psychology. I think your tips are very, very good. Especially for me who has to sell in a market where I have no natural network and where I sell very, very big things to "very very important" people. Huge hurdles and every tip counts."
— Ann Savage, Consultant, The Performance Group

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