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2-Minute Video Tips from Jill Konrath

Winning Sales in a Tough Economy

How to Keep Your Sales Up in a Down Economy
Discover how you can keep yourself motivated and reinvigorate your sales efforts during these tough times.

How to Revive Prospects Who've Disappeared into the Black Hole
Learn multiple strategies to re-ignite the sales process with those hot prospects who have gone cold.

Top 3 Mistakes Sellers Make When Cold Calling Big Companies
Are your cold calling efforts into big companies yielding minimal results? If so, check this video out now.

Why Big Companies Want to Work With Small Companies
Learn how to capitalize on the multitude of reasons why big companies actually prefer to work with small companies.

How to Speed Up Your Sales Cycle
Discover how to find opportunities and turn them into orders before your competitors even know they exist.


Successful Sales Strategies

How Corporate Decision Maker's Think – and What that Means for You
Find out the new "Do's & Don'ts" for gaining access to these busy, overworked, stressed out prospects.

How to Craft a Powerful Value Proposition
Learn how to clearly articulate your company's value proposition in an irresistible manner.

Forget Objection Handling: How to Eliminate Objections Forever
Rather than focus on what to do after you've already screwed up, learn how to eliminate objections entirely.

How to Leave Effective Voicemails
Discover how to establish credibility, pique curiosity and close with confidence. The result? Cold calling success!

How to Use Email for Cold Calling
Learn how to integrate email cold calling into your prospecting mix and get quick results.

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