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Developing Strong
Value Propositions

In today's market, a strong value proposition is the only thing that captures the attention of prospective customers in big corporations. Do you know what yours is? And if so, is it strong enough to get prospects to eagerly invite you into their offices?

That's what we'll focus on in this 66-minute audioseminar. Specifically, you'll learn:

  • Why "traditional" account entry strategies are no longer effective.
  • What a value proposition is and how it's different from an "elevator speech" and a "unique selling proposition."
  • How to translate your offering into the language of corporate buyers - and get them to want to meet with you!
  • A process you can follow to find the true value proposition of your company's product or service offering.
  • How to evaluate the effectiveness of your value proposition from a buyer's perspective.
  • Multiple ways to leverage your value proposition to get your foot-in-the-door of big companies and into meetings with key decision makers.
You'll also receive the "Developing Strong Value Propositions" workbook to use as you listen to this audio program. This 10-page document will be sent to you immediately as a PDF file.

Audio Seminar Agenda

  1. The Changing Marketplace
    • Why "traditional" account entry strategies are no longer effective
    • New expectations of corporate buyers

  2. What is a Value Proposition?
    • Difference from "elevator speech" and "unique selling proposition"
    • Key components of a compelling value proposition
    • Language that attracts the corporate buyer
    • The "client test": evaluating a value proposition from a customer perspective

  3. Finding Your Value Proposition
    • Analysis of your offering from a totally new perspective
    • Customer assessments - how to learn much more about the value of your product/service

  4. Getting Your Foot-in-the-Door of Large Corporate Accounts
    • Plan a campaign, not an event
    • Write "killer" phone scripts using your value proposition
    • How to pre-test your phone scripts prior to use
    • Crafting strong direct mail campaigns

  5. Questions & Answer Session
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