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Winning Sales in a Tight Economy

Selling during turbulent times is tough - but the challenge is even more difficult today because what it takes to win the business is fundamentally changing. In this 1-hour CD, you'll discover:

  • Why traditional sales techniques don't work anymore.
  • What buyers expect from sellers in the new sales paradigm.
  • How to differentiate yourself and company from all the competitors.
  • Strategies to diffuse never-ending price wars and profit erosion.
  • Ideas to maintain and grow your customer base.
You'll also receive the "Winning Sales in a Tight Economy" workbook to use as you listen to this 60-minute audio program. This document will be sent to you immediately as a PDF file.

Audio Seminar Agenda

    The Death of Traditional Selling
  • Changing market dynamics
  • Impact on sellers and sales profession
    The New Sales Paradigm
  • Customers' new expectations of salespeople
  • Value creation, not value-add
5 Key Strategies for Winning Sales Now
  1. Craft a "killer" value proposition
    • Revisit the business outcomes of your offering
    • Value-focused customer interviews
    • Value documentation

  2. Refocus your direction
    • Controllable vs. non-controllable
    • Targeted customers vs. the entire market
    • Helping customers vs. winning sales

  3. Develop invaluable, must-have expertise
    • Become an expert on your customer's business
    • Uncover unaddressed problems, new opportunities

  4. Differentiate with ideas and insights
    • Constant vigilance for useful information
    • How to engage new decision makers in existing accounts
    • How to penetrate new prospective customers

  5. Prepare as if there were no tomorrow
    • Define the logical next step
    • Plan your positioning and questions
Traditional selling techniques don't work anymore. Today's customer wants something totally different. Discover 5 key strategies you must implement immediately to increase your sales.

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