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Winning More Sales - Table of Contents

Part I: Question, Question, Questions

Prologue: A Questionable Character


Chapter 1 - The Incredible Power of Questions

  • What you may be doing, without even knowing it, that actually creates obstacles and barriers to your sales success.
  • The one fatal flaw of most sellers that creates nearly all of their selling problems.
  • How to use questions to create customer relationships you've always wanted.
Chapter 2 - What Customers Really Want
  • How customers really feel about most products and services available to them.
  • How customers choose vendors, suppliers and consultants when they perceive little difference between them.
  • The best way to differentiate yourself from all your competition.
Chapter 3 - Never, Ever "Go for the Close"
  • Why closing skills are a relic of the past and don't work in today's marketplace.
  • The new way to get orders if you don't - and won't - close.
Chapter 4 - Selling Conversations, Not Sales Pitches
  • The radical new paradigm shift of today's top sellers that totally changes the dynamics of the selling relationship.
  • How to prepare for an effective, customer-centric initial meeting with prospective clients.
  • A proven and comfortable consultative process for conducting your customer meetings that accomplishes amazing results.
  • The most important cue that you've slipped out of the consultative mode and are heading towards disaster - and how to correct yourself in real time.
Chapter 5 - Powerful Executive Meetings
  • How to gather the critical information you need to develop account strategies and align your solution with your customer's critical business imperatives.
  • Over 200 insightful, powerful questions - to ask during client meetings or to guide your pre-call research.
  • Key questions you can ask in the following areas:
        - Mission/vision
        - Goals/objectives
        - Industry trends
        - Strategic initiatives
        - Customer's customer
        - Competitive landscape
        - Corporate culture
        - Organizational structure
        - Departmental overview
Chapter 6 - Turning Prospects into Buyers
  • Why pursuing "low-hanging fruit" doesn't lead to the best sales results.
  • The best types of customers for you to invest your time with.
  • A questioning process that literally transforms customers who are merely frustrated with their current situation into active buyers.
  • Learn how to:
        - Discover valuable information regarding your customer's current situation.
        - Uncover customer problems related to your offering.
        - Discover the "ripple effect" of these problems on your customer's business.
        - Identify how your customer benefits by resolving these issues.
  • Over 150 insightful, powerful questions that generate increased sales at the same time they make you invaluable to your customer.
  • How to get your prospective customers selling for you when you're not around.
Chapter 7 - Winning Competitive Situations
  • The different questions you need to ask when your customer is exploring multiple alternatives.
  • Over 150 insightful, powerful questions to help you:
         - Understand the reason for the change
         - Determine the decision process
         - Clarify the decision criteria
         - Understand players & politics
         - Figure out the financial issues
  • How and why you need to uncover potential showstoppers before they happen.
Chapter 8 - Is Anyone Listening?
  • How to improve your listening skills and demonstrate to customers that you really care.
  • Why being comfortable with silence is such an important skill to learn.
  • How to use verbal and non-verbal conversation extenders to encourage continued discussion.

Part II: The Workshop
Developing Your Own Insightful, Powerful Questions

Chapter 9 - How to Develop Insightful, Powerful Questions
This chapter contains an in-depth case study that shows you the exact process to follow to develop top-notch questions for selling your own product or service. It also contains all the templates (and detailed instructions) you need to create extraordinary questions to ask your own customers.

  • Step I: Customer Assessment

    Target Market Definition: Learn how to accurately define and describe the ideal customer profile for your offering. Specifically this includes the customer:
    - Demographics
    - Psychographics
    - Enabling conditions
    - Key decision makers

    Situation Analysis: Learn how to ruthless assess your ideal customer's business to determine opportunities for your product or service.
    - Define their likely current situations.
    - Identify critical problems/gaps caused by the way customers are doing things.
    - Determine the "Ripple Effect" of these problems/gaps.
    - Explore the pay-off of making a change to your offering.

  • Step II: Question Development
    Receive specific instructions on how to develop insightful, powerful questions using your own target market and customer analysis. Follow along with the case study to see how the very best questions are developed and why they work.

    Current Situation Questions
    Identify the critical information you need to uncover in order to find problems/gaps you can solve.

    Problem/Gap Questions
    Learn how to develop questions that expose a customer's satisfaction level with their present way of doing things.
    - High-Level Problem/Gap Questions
    - Specific Business Challenges

    Impact Questions
    Discover how to create questions that fully explore the "Ripple Effect" and significantly increase the urgency to make a change NOW!

    Value Questions
    Find out how to develop questions that literally have customers telling you why they need to buy your product/service - and telling everyone else in their office too.

Chapter 10 - Top Questions from Top Sellers
This chapter includes the favorite questions of many top sellers in the industry today. Learn all about:
  • Their favorite questions.
  • And why they've proven so effective for them.
Part III: Appendix
  • The best sales books and top magazines available today that can help you in selling to the corporate market.
  • Important internet resources and web sites with highly relevant information for people who sell.
Additional Info
  • About the Author
  • Selling to Big Companies' Information Products

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