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Jill Konrath, President of Selling to Big Companies, is a recognized expert in major account sales, complex sales strategies and creating business value for B2B sales organizations. After years of working with the sales forces of Fortune 500 firms, she now brings her expertise to the small and mid-size business market.

Entrepreneurs, consultants, independent service professionals, business owners and salespeople will all gain high value from her programs.

As a one-person consultancy, Jill knows first-hand the challenges that small businesses face penetrating large corporations, establishing credibility and getting contracts.

But she also knows exactly what it takes to win business at these major accounts even when you're up against large, well-established competitors.

Jill's speeches and workshops are filled with real-life experiences, practical how-to advice, highly usable tools and great selling ideas. All of her programs are available for keynotes, half-day, full day or multi-day sessions. Each one is customized to meet the needs of your sales organization or association.

Selling to Big Companies
While many small businesses dream of working with corporate giants, few know how to break into their seemingly impenetrable fortresses. And even if they should get in, fewer yet understand how to maneuver through the complex sales process to capitalize on the opportunity.

In this program, you'll discover how to leverage your "unique selling proposition" to target ideal customers, gain access to key decision makers and conduct effective sales meetings. Find out how corporate clients make purchase decisions and how to keep advancing the sales process while you're building strong relationships. This session is essential for entrepreneurs, consultants, service providers and salespeople who want to win large contracts with big companies.

Getting to the Top
How do you get in to see senior executives? Why would they even want to meet with you? If you're an entrepreneur, consultant, professional services provider or salesperson, this session will help you gain access to high-level decision makers. Find out what motivates them to meet with sellers and how to talk "their language."

Learn three different high-impact strategies you can use to access these top officers from your targeted companies. Discover what it takes to conduct an effective meeting, advance the sales process to its logical next step and nurture an executive-level relationship.

Competitive Differentiation in the New Economy
In today's market, differentiation has never been more important and more difficult. New products and services rapidly spiral into commodities and price wars are fast becoming the norm.

While most companies find it virtually impossible to sustain a competitive edge, top sellers know what it takes to stand out from the crowd. In this program you'll learn the strategies these high achievers use to make themselves irresistible, invaluable and indispensable to their customers.

Motivating Customers to Buy
In a slow economy, sellers can't just wait for the phone to start ringing again. But how do you get customers to spend money when it's the last thing they want to do? In this session you'll discover how top sellers consistently create demand for their products or services. Find out the #1 strategy they use to target customers and minimize competitive pressures.

Learn all about the single most important sales skill they use - one that literally inspires and invites customers to ask them for the order. Finally, apply what you've learned to your own sales situation. Forget those dreadful strong-arm tactics and manipulative selling techniques; instead learn how to get business with integrity.

JumpStart! New Product/Service Sales
Even though new products are the lifeblood of the business, most fail to produce the desired results in the vital first months following launch. In this session, entrepreneurs, salespeople and marketers will learn key strategies and techniques to drive immediate sales and accelerate time-to-profitability. They'll also learn about the critical mistakes companies make at launch time that actually delay or totally derail the sales process.

Any company introducing important new products or services in the near future will get solid, practical tools and advice from this workshop that are immediately useful.

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