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How Teleseminar Sales Training Works


Invest an hour to learn breakthrough sales strategies you can use immediately.

A teleseminar is a workshop given over the phone. It's like a big conference call! You can listen in by yourself. If you have an extra phone line, invite a colleague to listen in as well. Or, get a speakerphone so a whole group can participate.

Each session includes 45 minutes of presentation during which Jill shares proven, no baloney, easy-to-implement ideas that actually work with today's decision makers.

The teleseminar concludes with a 15-minute question-and-answer session where you can get your toughest sales challenges addressed.

Here's what you need to do:
  • Register now for the teleseminars of your choice.
  • Several days before the program, you'll get an email that contains the number to call, a PIN number to gain access to the seminar and a workshop handout.
  • On the day of the session, call in a few minutes before the start time to make sure you don't miss anything.
  • If you have a sales team listening in, gather them around the speakerphone. If you have multiple offices you want to include in this teleseminar series, register each one of them separately.

Following the teleseminar, Jill will address any unanswered questions in her upcoming Selling to Big Companies e-newsletter.

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